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  • Baia 10W wireless speaker

    Boxa wireless Baia 10W, pluta

    TP1-P328.351 / 1809 avaialble in stock 314,50 lei +TVA
  • Urban Vitamin Hayward IPX7 waterproof 5W speaker

    Difuzor impermeabil de 5W Urban Vitamin Hayward IPX7

    TP1-P329.911 / 616 avaialble in stock 252,00 lei +TVA
  • Urban Vitamin Berkeley IPX7 waterproof 10W speaker

    Difuzor Urban Vitamin Berkeley IPX7 impermeabil de 10W

    TP1-P329.901 / 246 avaialble in stock 399,00 lei +TVA
  • Motorola ROKR810 wireless and portable party speaker

    Difuzor portabil și wireless pentru petreceri Motorola ROKR810

    TP1-P329.801 / 252 avaialble in stock 686,00 lei +TVA
  • Motorola ROKR 500 10W Wireless charging 5W speaker

    Motorola ROKR 500 10W Difuzor de încărcare wireless de 5W

    TP1-P329.561 / 395 avaialble in stock 346,00 lei +TVA
  • Ovate bamboo 5W speaker with 15W wireless charger

    Difuzor Ovate bambus de 5W cu încărcător wireless de 15W

    TP1-P329.449 / 1060 avaialble in stock 298,50 lei +TVA
  • Conference call speaker

    Difuzor de apel conferință

    TP1-P329.381 / 1083 avaialble in stock 366,00 lei +TVA
  • Bamboo and fabric 3W wireless speaker

    Difuzor wireless de 3W din bambus și material textil

    TP1-P329.379 / 2418 avaialble in stock 2 480,00 lei +TVA-20%
  • Bamboo colour changing 3W speaker light

    Lumină difuzor de 3W care schimbă culoarea bambus

    TP1-P329.343 / 6350 avaialble in stock 2 736,25 lei +TVA-20%
  • Splash IPX6 3W speaker

    Difuzor Splash IPX6 3W

    TP1-P329.321 / 6942 avaialble in stock 166,50 lei +TVA
  • Wynn 10W wireless bamboo speaker

    Difuzor wireless din bambus Wynn 10W

    TP1-P329.319 / 2001 avaialble in stock 293,00 lei +TVA
  • Swiss peak 5W wireless bass speaker

    Difuzor bass wireless Swiss Peak de 5 W

    TP1-P329.262 / 5424 avaialble in stock 166,50 lei +TVA
  • Nevada Bamboo 3W wireless speaker

    Difuzor wireless Nevada Bamboo 3W

    TP1-P329.212 / 4690 avaialble in stock 220,00 lei +TVA
  • Bamboo wireless charger speaker

    Difuzor încărcător fără fir din bambus

    TP1-P329.179 / 4032 avaialble in stock 167,50 lei +TVA
  • Wheatstraw wireless charging speaker

    Difuzor de încărcare fără fir Wheatstraw

    TP1-P328.719 / 8 avaialble in stock 240,50 lei +TVA
  • Wheat straw 3W mini speaker

    Mini boxa de 3W din paie de grau

    TP1-P328.709 / 978 avaialble in stock 96,00 lei +TVA

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