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  • Swiss Peak Heritage RCS rPU A4 portfolio with zipper

    Portofoliu Swiss Peak Heritage RCS rPU A4 cu fermoar

    TP1-P774.411 / 2924 avaialble in stock 181,50 lei +TVA
  • RCS rPU deluxe tech portfolio with zipper

    Portofoliu RCS rPU deluxe tech cu fermoar

    TP1-P774.401 / 2601 avaialble in stock 166,50 lei +TVA
  • Fiko wireless charging portfolio A4 with powerbank

    Portofoliu de încărcare fără fir Fiko A4 cu powerbank

    TP1-P774.071 / 106 avaialble in stock 351,00 lei +TVA
  • Tech portfolio with powerbank

    Portofoliu de tehnologie cu powerbank

    TP1-P772.641 / 485 avaialble in stock 257,50 lei +TVA
  • Essential zipper tech portfolio

    Portofoliu esențial de tehnologie cu fermoar

    TP1-P772.621 / 1679 avaialble in stock 167,50 lei +TVA
  • Recycled leather A4 portfolio

    Portofoliu A4 din piele reciclata

    TP1-P774.192 / 3108 avaialble in stock 146,00 lei +TVA
  • Deluxe cork portfolio A4 with pen

    Portofoliu de plută A4 cu stilou

    TP1-P774.131 / 3772 avaialble in stock 132,50 lei +TVA
  • Deluxe cork portfolio A5 with pen

    Portofoliu de plută A5 cu stilou

    TP1-P774.121 / 2929 avaialble in stock 101,50 lei +TVA
  • Berkely A4 zippered portfolio

    Portofoliu Berkely A4 cu fermoar

    TP2-546619 / 2422 avaialble in stock 81,00 lei +TVA
  • Stanford deluxe A4 zippered portfolio

    Portofoliu Stanford de lux A4 cu fermoar

    TP2-545007 / 46 avaialble in stock 153,00 lei +TVA
  • Guild A4 card document wallet

    Portofel pentru documente card A4 Guild

    TP2-21277 / 10000 avaialble in stock 9,50 lei +TVA
  • Ebony A4 briefcase portfolio

    Portofoliu servieta A4 Abanos

    TP2-119987 / 3264 avaialble in stock 145,00 lei +TVA
  • Ebony A4 zippered portfolio

    Portofoliu A4 Abanos cu fermoar

    TP2-119986 / 815 avaialble in stock dela:49,90 lei +TVA
    Apple green
    aqua blue
    aqua blue
    Negru solid
  • Ebony A4 portfolio

    Portofoliu A4 Abanos

    TP2-119985 / 711 avaialble in stock dela:62,20 lei +TVA
    Apple green
    Negru solid
  • University A4 portfolio

    Portofoliu universitar A4

    TP2-119514 / 70 avaialble in stock 36,80 lei +TVA
    Albastru marin
    Albastru regal
    Negru solid
  • Harvard A4 leather zippered portfolio

    Portofoliu Harvard A4 din piele cu fermoar

    TP2-119163 / 826 avaialble in stock 260,50 lei +TVA

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